Design as Participation

“Should designers continue to privilege users above all others in the system? What would it mean to design for participants instead? For all the participants?”

Kevin Slavin

How To Put Faith in UX Design

“If most of the big design decisions are made by people who you think are bad at design, or are unethical, you need to broaden what you think design is. The VP, the PM, the engineer, if they’re making decisions that “should be yours” or are “terrible”, then they’re designers too and powerful ones. This means there are only three reasonable choices:

  • Move into a role where you make the important decisions.
  • Become better at influencing decision makers.
  • Find a place to work that has higher standards (or start your own).”
Scott Berkun



Forms Matter

“How the design of forms can decide an election, affect racial profiling and shape identity”

Lena Groeger

Accessibility and Prototyping

A good interview filled with helpful resources.

“A lot of accessibility is usability, but it matters even more. It makes a bigger difference. It has a stronger benefit. Wayfinding helps you—but it’s essential for some people, or else they can’t function. Color contrast helps you in the sun, but it’s essential for some others.”

Jennifer Sutton

Product People, Mind the Gap!

“Here’s the playbook: 1. Pick two points of progress in someone’s life 2. Break down what happens “in between” 3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the gaps between each of those points”

Samuel Hulick


On Surveys

Use surveys to gather questions for more personal interviews. Avoid them for gathering actionable data.

Erika Hall


Creating the “Perfect” CSS System

“While the tools, mental models, naming conventions, ordering of properties and more can create a great system in a vacuum, collaborating with your team members is the most important part.”

Lindsay Grizzard