Iā€™m a digital product designer at Renew Financial. We offer financing for energy-efficient home improvements.


The three main products I work on:

  • 1

    I recently designed our customer account where homeowners can choose their financing details, sign documents, and track their project with their contractor.

  • 2

    I work on the tools for our contractor partners where they can estimate financing plans, check property eligibility, help homeowners apply for financing, and manage their jobs.

  • 3

    I also design for our underwriting software used by our internal team to help process the applications homeowners submit for financing.

Often I'm learning about our business and user needs, sometimes I'm mapping tasks and prototyping interactions, and occasionally I get into some front-end development.

I established and manage our design system (design guidelines and living pattern library) in collaboration with our engineers to help deliver a high-quality and consistent experience more efficiently.

I'm also working with Code for PDX on a project called RecordSponge to build software that will help make the expungement process available to all Oregonians.

2013 ā€“ 2014

Previously I worked on a tool to help businesses evaluate safer and more environmentally-friendly materials for their products. I also consulted on projects such as interactive transit maps and various websites.

2009 ā€“ 2013

Before that I managed and designed websites at a liquor company where I also made a few whisky and vodka labels.